Training CertificateDynamic balancing is still quite a dark art to a large number of people and we at Phoenix Balancing Ltd understand that.

We have developed a short training course to suit personnel with little or no balancing experience which covers basic theory and the application of balance tolerances to any process, based upon ISO 1940/1-2003, all supported by training documentation.

We can carry out instruction on-site or at our facility and cover both theory and practical, either with your own equipment or with machines installed in our own workshop.

We have worked alongside Gas Turbine Engineers developing balancing processes in this country and the Middle East, training whole workshops on new and existing equipment.

If you have any training requirements, please contact us. If the application is one we have no prior experience of, we will take the time to learn it ourselves at no extra cost to you the customer.

All delegates can be issued with a certificate to compliment the experience gained during the instruction process.