Our Services

Machine Calibration

We provide calibration to almost all balancing machine makes and models to the original manufacturers guidelines and instructions. This is carried out using test rotors, sample rotors and UKAS traceable test masses.

We can provide certification for your machine to suit your quality system and advise on the requirements as suggested by the manufacturer.

Repairs and Maintenance

We provide on-site repair work to machines mechanically and electrically. We support updated electronic systems as well as those that are now considered obsolete and can repair circuit boards to component level in addition to carrying out repairs to pneumatic systems.

We provide a preventative maintenance service backed up by detailed reports to identify potential faults before they occur.

Subcontract Balancing

Within our factory unit in Coventry we have a dedicated balancing facility with five different balancing machines. Our capacity ranges from approximately 100 grams to 500 kg.

We frequently carry out batch work for our customers and have done for many years. We are often involved with prototype work and pilot parts before customers are ready to purchase a machine themselves.


Training courses are provided on both balancing theory and practice. Unlike a lot of training courses, we start with a classroom session and lead into practical work using either your machine or one of our own at our facility in Coventry.

Machine Upgrades

We can provide tailor-made measuring systems to suit your balancing machine, along with documentation and traceability solutions for your balancing records which are produced by the measuring system as it works.

We also have access to standard systems with proven technology to suit your machine. Please contact us for a demonstration.

New Machines

We have been working with Elettrorava Balance Systems (formerly Elettrorava) in Italy forĀ over 10 years, providing customers with machines from their extensive range which we always find to be very capable at a realistic price.

Contact us for more information or use the link below to go directly to their website.

Site Balancing

Through our contacts, we are able to offer a site balancing service which allows for balancing your rotor without having to remove or transport it. Please do note that this service is not suitable for all applications.

Other services include:

  • Balancing consultancy
  • Machine relocation
  • Installation and commissioning
  • Guarding projects
  • Tooling design and manufacture
  • Any other balancing queries or requirements, please just ask!